• Purchase/sale of residential real estate
  • Purchase/sale of commercial or industrial property
  • Purchase/sale of Vacant land
  • Purchase/sale Strata-title properties
  • Sub-divisions
  • Private sales
  • Related-parties/family transfers
  • Titles Office searching
  • Document lodgement
  • Deceased estates
  • Change of name/particulars on title

Sash Conveyancing as your Settlement Agent:

  • Please call and advise our office that we will be acting on your behalf
  • Contact your Real Estate Agent (if applicable) and advise them of our details, they will then forward on the contract to our office
  • For a private sale, forward a copy of the contract to our office or contact our office prior to entering into the contract for assistance
  • Once we have the contract for sale of land we can begin to work towards settlement.
  • Helenie Saciuk will be assisting you throughout your settlement